Dhul q'adha merits

Dul Qaada Merits & How to begin month from Iqbal Aamal

Dhulqadah Moonsighting Dua
اللهم إن هذا شهر ذي القعدة من الأشهر التي أمرت بتعظيمها و جعلت فيها من أسرار العبادات ما شهد بتكريمها و قد شرفتنا بأن جعلت لنا طريقا إلى مشاهدة هلاله و معرفة حق إقباله و لم تحجبه عنا بالغيوم و حوادث السماء و لا حجبتنا عنه بما يمنع أبصارنا من الضياء فأسألك أن تتم ما ابتدأت من النعم الباطنة و الظاهرة بأن تجعلنا من الظافرين فيه بسعادة الدنيا و الآخرة و كن برحمتك المسير لنا في تقلباته و لحظاته بكمال حظنا من خيراته و بركاته و احفظنا من آفاته و مخافاته حتى تكون من أسعد من نظر إلى هلاله و بلغته منه غاية آماله و ابدأ بكل من يرضيك البدأة بذكره في المناجاة من أهل النجاة و أشرك معنا أهل المضافات و الموالاة و أرنا آيات الإجابات و القبول في جميع المأمول و المسئول برحمتك يا أرحم الراحمين.
“O‟ my God! This is the month of Zil-Qa'dih. It is one of the months which You have ordered us to honor. The secrets of the acts of worship which You have specified for it bear witness to its honorability. You honored us by establishing ways to view the crescent moon in this month, recognize the right to enter Zil-Qa'dih, not obscuring it with clouds, events in the sky, or other things which might have blocked it from our sight. I ask You to perfect Your Hidden and Apparent Blessings for us; and please establish us as those who succeed in this world and the Hereafter during it; and with your Mercy make it easy for us to enjoy its complete benefits, goodness and blessings during its every moment. And keep us safe from its harm and fears, so that we may be amongst those blessed by viewing its crescent and those who attain their utmost wants. Please in doing so give priority to that group of the saved ones giving priority to whom would please You in supplications. Please let those who are pleasant and friendly share these blessings with us. And please show us the signs of the acceptance of all our wishes out of Your Mercy. O‟ the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.”

Dhul qadah importance

The way to enter the month of Zil-Qa'dih which has been mentioned with greatness in Islam, is in the same way that we pointed to in entering other sacred months. Especially, what we will add about how to enter this month is due to the fact that it is the month in which God spread out the Earth and prepared it for the inhabitants of this world. This will be explained in detail. Thus indeed, this month is like an easy-paced quadruped which has been given as a gift to you to take you to the high place, the beautiful homeland, and the many and great blessings which are hidden in it. Thus, thank the grantor of this quadruped and recognize God‟s Rights and also the right of the quadruped which He has granted you and also the targets and the wishes which you have reached to by means of this month; because the healthy mind decrees that man remembers with greatness and praises the quadruped which takes him to great benefits. As it has been said, “The quadrupeds which take us to the presence of Muhammad (MGB) are to be respected by us because they have taken us to the best one who steps on pebbles. And after this, riding on their backs is unlawful.” Thus, keep the reverence of this month with the heart, the intellect and protecting your body parts so that God willing you find the opportunity of gaining the superior virtue. Also we said previously that this month is the month of the fulfillment of supplications. Thus, value its times and fast in it so that your supplications are fulfilled. And mention your needs one after another in an order which has more importance to God to whom you offer your requests. In this case, God willing He will give you what you have wanted soon.

Section 1 On the Fullfilment of Prayers in the month of Zil-Qa’dih

The month of Zil-Qa'dih is the time of the fulfillment of the supplications at times of hardship.
I read the following in the Mustansariyyih School in a book authored by Abu Ja‟far Muhammad ibn Habib and Umar ibn Sabit in the month of Ramadhan in the year 373 A.H.. “Ayyaz ibn Khuyald Hazli says: The Zi‟a clan who were respectable and lived in my neighborhood used to bother and oppress others. I waited for the arrival of the sacred month of Zil-Qa‟dih during which it was common for people to curse others. Then I cursed them during that month and told God: “O‟ my Lord! I curse them at your Threshold. Please kill them except the one who is paralyzed. Please give the paralyzed one the ability to sit but make him blind so that he cannot do anything without help.
As a result of this curse all of the people of that tribe were killed and only the paralyzed one survived, but he became blind. Thus my curse on him was also fulfilled.”
This story has been reported to have happened in the month of Rajab as mentioned in Dastoor al-Muzakareen . The following has been reported in Muhammad ibn Habib‟s book about people whose prayers were fulfilled in the Era of Ignorance. Abu Abdullah ibn Aqrabi narrated that Abdullah ibn Halavih Sa‟di who owned many camels and sheep resided in the vicinity of the Anbar ibn Umar ibn Tamim‟s tribe. They oppressed him and seized his possessions. He waited for the scared months to arrive and then he raised his hands towards Heaven and said, “O‟ my Lord! The Anbar tribe are looters. They are too proud of their sheep, extended blessings, and beautiful youth. They have become distinguished amongst the people and have rebelled. No one can stop their oppression. Now they have started oppressing me. Thus expose them in drought and famine, and destroy their wealth.” God knows best that all their wealth was ruined and nothing was left.

Section 6 On the Nobility of the Night of the Middle of Zil-Qa'dih and Its Special Deeds

May God have mercy upon you! Know that anytime the Almighty God selected it for calling His worshippers to kindness, nearness, making prosperous, helping and forgiving them is the time at which the worshipper must turn to God and it is indeed the Festival for the worshipper.
In fact, this is the time that the Almighty God has chosen for the worshipper to enter His Noble Threshold and has honoured him with what he did not count on. That is why we have chosen to report one of the deeds that is done only once in the whole year in this part of the book in the way that the Almighty God has bestowed upon us, quoted from the chapter on Arabic months from the book Adab ul-Vuzara authored by Ahmad ibn Shazan.‟ It has been narrated on the authority of the Noble Prophet (MGB) that there is a highly blessed night in the month of Zil-Qa‟dih. It is the fifteenth night of this month in which God looks upon the believing worshippers with mercy. The reward of anyone who spends it in obeying, worshipping and obedience to God equals the reward of one-hundred worshippers who have not even disobeyed God for the twinkling of an eye. So, you should start to do acts of obedience to God, praying and asking for the fulfillment of your needs when the middle of the night comes since it has been quoted that anyone who asks God for the fulfillment of his needs at this time shall not be turned down. So, value this time that the Almighty God has called you to the party of prosperity and He has honored you to speak to and associate with Him and fulfill your needs. Imagine how swiftly and happily you would go to fulfill his call with all of your strength and vigor if this call was from the king of your time. So, let it not be that your happiness for attaining presence in God the Almighty‟s Threshold be less than that. What God the Almighty has bestowed upon you is for this world, the Hereafter and turning to Him while what the king of your country has called you to do is mixed with baseness and obligation and is transient and vanishes