Introduction by the theologian, great researcher and commentator on Nahj ul-Balaghah: the erudite Professor Muhammad Taqy Jafary:

In the Name of Allah the Exalted

"Praise be to Allah" and "Peace be upon our Master and Prophet Muhammad and pious, pure and infallible huosehold. It is obvious that the importance of establishing a family and its related means and essentials in the sacred religion of Islam is evident enough with no need of proofs. It is this very important status of the family that Allah (Great be His glory) in the Quran; the Impeccable Imams or Muslim leaders in their practices and policies; and the sages, authoritative as well as unbiased commentators have all presented the final comments and most constructive subjects on the matter of THE ISLAMIC FAMILY STRUCTURE.
Today what has destroyed the fundamental pillars of life itself is emergence of disorder in the sacred family system ignoring its necessary principles and values. Thus the present era deserves to be named
which has resulted in the incurable disease of
“MAN'S ESTRANGEMENT FROM HIMSELF”. Without having the family structure reformed, it is quite irrelevant and inappropriate to expect a healthy society and a community capable of enjoying a reasonable social life. This book entitled
“THE ISLAMIC FAMILY STRUCTURE” authored by Mr. Hujjatul-Islam Wal-Muslimeen Hajj Sheik Ansarian (May God support him) is one of the few helpful and remarkable books I have seen about the Islamic family structure. I have read a reasonable portion of the book and must state that this work reflects research and arrangement of materials presented in such a way that it proves to be a beneficial publication for all social strata.
Among the characteristics one may mention is its diligent researching of sources; proper interpretation of the matter; accurate reference and source citation; the adequate, aesthetic expressions used to attain what the author has had in mind; and the author's faith and sincerity regarding his various researches. Therefore, the study of this book and research on its various subjects will be very helpful and instructive for those seeking the truth concerning the rules and matters of the Islamic family structure. I beg God the Almighty for the
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ever-increasing success of the book's honorable author Mr. Hujjatul-Islam Wal-Muslimeen Ansarian.

Muhammad Taqy Jafary

Farvardin 21, 1376 (Iranian calendar)

April 1997 A.D.

Author's Preface

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

I started a series of lectures on the subject of the Islamic family structure in 1984, since a need for this topic was felt in the society. I conducted these lectures on various occasions such as Muharram, Safar and the Holy month of Ramazan and my lectures were based on the verses from the Holy Quran and traditions from authentic sources of traditions (Hadith).
These lectures were warmly welcomed by the people, especially by the youth, and this unprecedented attendance was due to nothing but a display of God's blessing and kindness Who is always supporting the Islamic religious orders. The video and cassette tapes of those lectures which are about thirty in number were soon distributed all over the country, and the contents of the lectures were published in one of Tehran's evening papers and were distributed for the public. As expected, the lectures had a reasonable effect upon families since they reflected the contents of the Holy Quran and the knowledge of the Household of the Prophet (Pbuh.) which are in line with man's nature and fulfill all his spiritual and material needs.
Concerned friends and religious brothers suggested several times that I convert these lectures into a book so that they could be better used by the heroic people of Iran. However, the writing of a twelve-volume series on the Islamic Mysticism taking seven years; and the interpretation as well as description of Sahifeh-e-Sajjadiyeh taking five years and other notes together with journal articles left me no time to undertake the task. Another portion of my time was devoted to traveling to various parts of the country for preaching, but my friends still kept on insisting.
Mr. Reza Kalhur owns a publishing house. His brother is a young, enthusiastic and virtuous believer and is working in the religious schools in Qum where I am a student.. He came to Tehran on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Fatimah Zahra (Pbuh)- Islam's highly respectable Lady who is herself the best model
1 Pbuh is used throughout the book to denote peace be upon him or her or them. When used for the prophet, his Household is included. When used for others, it only refers to that person.
2 Translation note: This is mentioned by the resspectable author as an act of humbleness.

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for a wife and a mother in Islam - and asked me for permission to note down the lectures from tape and to have them published. Since I found that offer to be the same as my own long old wish and that of my friends, I asked him to do so because I still was confronted with a shortage of time. Thirty tapes were taken down by Mr. Kalhur. Thanks to his careful attention, all the traditions in the lectures were carefully documented with proper reference citations. They gave me their notes which were taken down right from the tapes. While reviewing the tapes I realized it was necessary to eliminate, rewrite or change some of the sentences. The book in hand is the result of more than two months of rewriting. It would have been easier to write a book from scratch than to rewrite notes taken down from lecture tapes. The beauties of this book lie in the verses of the Holy Quran, the traditions and accounts of the lives of God's saints; and its ugliness is due to my pen.
Please inform me of any errors by writing to Um-Abiha Publishers at P.O.Box 37185-913, Qum, I.R.I. It is hoped that this book will be helpful for families, especially for young men and women who have just married or intend to marry, and it can be instrumental in aligning their family structure with God's will so that they can succeed in this life and in the Hereafter. These lectures were conducted in a way which included life from its beginning to the end. Thirty of these lectures were selected whose titles appear in the table of contents. You could present this book as a gift to a newly-wed couple instead of flowers, which will fade away in a few hours, resulting in God's blessings in their life and possibly a source of great heavenly rewards for you.

Mr. Husayn Ansarian

Translators’ Forward

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

First of all we thank God for granting us the opportunity to undertake and complete such a tremendous task. Next we wish to express our most sincere gratitude of Mr. A. Namaee for editing parts of the book and providing us with many useful suggestions, and for his efforts to get this work through the many phases it must. We also wish to thank Mr. A. Tavakoli for reviewing some of the book, and for giving us many useful suggestions. We also like to thank Mr. Mehdi Peiravi and H. Motakef for their help in preparing parts of the typed manuscript.

Ms. Morgan and Dr. Peiravi