Tawassul to Ahlulbayt (as) on First Night of Holy month of Ramadhan  

This is an excerpt from the book Spiritual Journey of the Mystics (Saluk-e-Arifan) - which is the translation of Arabic book: al-Muraqebat fi Amal al-Sunnah, written by the most eminent perfect mystic Late Haj Mirza Javad Agha Maliki Tabrizi

Another thing which a prudent wayfarer should not forget during the first night of this holy month is resorting(tawassul) to the impeccable ones (Ma'sumin)[33] in that night. It is up to him to stretch his hand sincerely towards the threshold of those exalted saintly personalities, should present their blessed, glorious, and beautiful faces as intercessors for our unblessed and polluted (with sins), faces, thus, looking towards the Lord through their splendour and magnanimity because, it is not appropriate and desirable to look towards Him directly with a face blackened with sins, and cheeks rusted with transgressions. Instead, he should plead with them, should open his tongue full of grief and anxiety, should request them to act as intercessors for pleading his case.

It might be that their hearts would become soft with love for him, with their greatness they might accept him by acting as his intercessors as well as might request Allah (the Glorious, the Exalted), that may He accept him and bestow upon him the grace and favour so that he would become the way his Lord desires him to be. Because, Allah (the Glorious, the Exalted), being the most Compassionate and most Merciful, undoubtedly would accept the plea and intercession of those compassionate and exalted personalities, especially, those Sinless noble ones, to whom He himself has taught generosity and compassion as well as has allowed them to act as intercessors.

Yes! By resorting sincerely, truly and honestly to these noble exalted personalities one may attain such gains, prosperity, and salvation which can't even be attained through engaging in worship for one complete year. Therefore, it is up to us to make our best endeavours, by treating the time as our best available opportunity; we should extend our hands towards their threshold; by offering salutations and thanks should open our tongues for needs, and saying the following sincerely and honestly: Pdf |Ppt  | Ppt in Pdf  Mp3

O' my masters! Tonight you are the support and shelter of everyone,

you are the most exalted and generous among all exalted and generous ones, you like inviting guests and want to be generous towards them; Also Allah (the Glorious, the Exalted), has commanded you to provide refuge and shelter for the wretched and unsheltered people;

now here is one of the Allah's unsheltered servants who has came to attend your as well as Allah's feast; has attached his heart upon your support and well as Allah's support and hospitality; be hospitable and allow him to sit upon the table of your generosity and treat him in the following manner:

Consider him as your friend and supporter and do not deprive him from your best support and endeavours; do not deprive him from your prayer, backing, and intercession; ask Allah (the Glorious, the Exalted), not to deprive him from His Forgiveness and Benevolence; shouldn't deprive him from His mercy and compassion; then look at him with love and pleasure; becoming so happy and pleased with him that after that He should never become unhappy and angry with him, should regard him as His sincere friend and worthy servant....

O' my masters! Please beseech Allah (the Glorious, the Exalted), to bestow upon me these things; He will accept your prayer and intercession, because your splendour and majesty, and your worth and prestige before Him is far greater than what could be perceived by the human mind and understanding.

 I swear to you by your splendour and majesty, which Allah (the Glorious, the Exalted), has bestowed upon you, to look towards me with kindness and do not deprive me from whatever I have desired; reward me more than whatever I have asked in accordance with your generosity; don't look upon my worthlessness, disobedience, and deviations, because the generosity of the generous ones and the hospitality shown by the exalted ones are in accordance with their generosity and exaltedness and not in proportion with the worth and merit of their recipients.

O' my masters! You are the ones who have taught greatness to the exalted ones, generosity to the generous ones, and benevolence to the benevolent ones; if there is a discussion about the benevolence you are the first and the last as well as the roots and the branches; if there is a discussion about the magnanimity and greatness you are their fountainhead; you are the ones who never returned any one hopeless and empty-handed, as you yourself have proclaimed:

"Your generosity and reward like rain water pour upon the righteous ones as well as upon the bad ones, likewise;" saturate me with the rain of your generosity, do not deprive me from the rain of your generosity, do not deprive me from the pouring of your love because I am thirsty for your generosity and hungry for your love and affection; you don't like that your guests who have taken shelter in your threshold and have tied their hopes upon your benevolence should remain thirsty and hungry.

O' my masters! If you will deprive me from your hospitality I will die with hunger under your shelter sitting upon the side of your tablecloth. No! No! You wouldn't treat me in this manner; you are not the ones who would deprive the guests from your hospitality so that he would return heart-broken, hopeless and hungry. Never! Never!


أنت يا سيّدي في هذه الليلة حامي الأمّة وخفيرهم ،

وأكرم الخلائق ، تحبّ الضيافة ومأمور من الله جلّ جلاله بالإجارة ، عبدك ضيف الله وضيفك ،  وجار الله وجارك فأجر عبدك وأضفه ،

 واجعل قراي منك الليلة أن تدخلني في همّك وحزبك ، ودعائك وحمايتك ، وشفاعتك وولايتك وشيعتك . 
 وارغب إلى الله لي في كرم عفوه ، وقبوله ، ورضاه ،

 وأن ينظر إليّ نظرة رحيمة بها عنّي رضا لا سخط عليّ بعده أبداً ، ويلحقني بشيعتكم المقرّبين ، وأوليائكم السابقين ، فإنّه لا يردّ شفاعتك ، فإنّ لك عند الله شأناً من الشأن ، وقدراً من القدر ، فبحقّ هذا الشأن الذي جعل الله لك

 يا مولاي أسألك أن تسمح في حقّي بما سألتك ، وتزيدني بمقدار كرامتك ، ولا تنظر يا سيّدي إلى حقارتي وذلّ مقامي وسوء حالي ، فإنّ الكرام لا يعظم عليهم في قرى ضيفهم شيء من العطايا ، ولا يقدّرون كرامتهم وعطاياهم بقدر الضيوف السائلين ، فإنّ العطاء بقدر المعطي ، والقرى بقدر المضيف.

سادتي أنتم الذين علّمتم الكرام آداب الكرامة ، والأجواد شيم الجود والسماحة ، إن ذكر الجود كنتم أوّله وآخره ، وأصله وفرعه ومنتهاه ، وإن قيل الكرم فأنتم معدنه ومأواه لا يردّ سائلكم ولا يخيب آملكم . 
 سادتي أنتم الذين قلتم : مثل المعروف مثل المطر ، يصيب البرّ والفاجر ، فلا تمنعوني سحائب رافتكم ، فليصبني أمطار جودكم ، فإنّي من جودكم جائع ، ومن كرمكم ظمآن ، لا ترضوا لضيفكم أن يبيت في حماكم جائعاً ضمآناً . 
 فأنت يا مولاي متى ما منعتني قراك ، بتُّ طاوياً في حماك ، ووصلت إلى الهلاك ، حاشاك من هذه المعاملة مع ضيفك ثمّ حاشاك . 


Yes! It is up to the prudent wayfarer to mobilize all his talents, expertise, strength, and endeavours for resorting towards them; crying and shedding tears, pleading, and requesting for intercession and support with these exalted saintly personalities; so that through resorting for one hour he may earn the prosperity for one year, and through such insignificant efforts might achieve huge gains. Also, he should not forget to repeat this resorting and crying every morning and evening, and by sending salutations (upon them) everyday and resorting to them every night should strengthen his commitment towards them.

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