Q O M    Z I A R A T S

Mausoleum of Fatima bint Musa [a]Daughter of 7th Imam [a]. Well-known as Masooma Qum

Masjid Imam Hasan al-Askari, peace be upon him.Near the mausoleum of Masooma Qum

Masjid Jamkaran Built in 393 AH under orders of the 12th Imam [a]. This is outside Qum

ULAMA  Graves


Shakhayan Graveyard

In Qom there is a graveyard called the graveyard of �Sheikhoon�, which means the sheikhs. Sheikhoon is the plural form of Sheikh in Persian.

In this graveyard there are many tombs of great narrators (of traditions) like Zakariyya bin Adam and some of bani[35] Babwayh and tombs of famous ulama like al-Mirza al-Qommi.

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The Tombs of the infallible imams� children in Qom
Qom, since the Ash�arite Arabs had come to live in it, received hundreds of children of the infallible imams (s). Their honored tombs became as lamps shining in all sides of the city of Qom.

Here are some of them:

1) The pure tombs of Zaynab, Maymoona and Umm Muhammad, the daughters of Imam Muhammad at-Taqiy (al-Jawad).[He is the ninth Imam of the Shia.] They have been buried beside the holy tomb of Lady Fatima al-Ma�ssooma (s).

2) The tomb of Musa al-Mubarqa�, the son of Imam Muhammad at-Taqiy (s) (in Chihil Akhtaran (forty stars) Quarter).

3) The tomb of Shahzada[ Shahzada means the son of the Shah. The Iranians often call the imams and their sons as �shah�.] Ahmad, the son of Musa al-Mubarqa� (beside his father�s tomb).

4) The graveyard of Chihil Akhtaran (beside the shrine of Musa al-Mubarqa�).

5) Imamzada[Imamzada means the son of the imam.] Sultan Muhammad Shareef (in Chahar Mardan Street).

6) Imamzada Hamza bin Musa (opposite to Kuhna Square in Azar Street).

7) Imamzada Ahmad bin Musa (beside Shahzada Ahmad).

8) Shahzada Ibraheem and Shahzada Muhammad, grandsons of Imam Musa al-Kadhim (s) (in Shahzada Ibraheem Street).

9) Imamzada Ahmad bin Qassim (at the end of Mu�allim Street).

10) Shahzada Sayyid Ali (at the end of Bajak Street, near Jihad Square).

11) Imamzada Sayyid Sarbakhsh (in Azar Street after Kuhna Square-opposite to Chihil Akhtaran).

12) Shahzada Nasir, one of Imam Hasan�s grandsons (opposite to Imam Hasan Askari Mosque).

13) Chahar (four) Imamzada, Imam Zaynulaabideen�s grandsons (at the end of Bajak Street).

14) Imamzada Khak Faraj (at the end of Imam Musa as-Sadr Street-Khak Faraj Quarter).

15) Imamzada Shah Jamal (Arak Highway, near Salarya).

16) Imamzada Abu Ahmad, one of Muhammad bin al-Hanafiyya�s grandsons (between Shah Sayyid Ali and Chahar Imamzada-15 Khurdad Street).

17) Imamzada Ali bin Ja�far (at the end of Chahar Mardan Street-near Golzar Shuhada�).

18) Shahzada Hadi and Shahzada Mahdi (in Jamkaran).

19) Imamzada Tayyib and Imamzada Tahir (on the side of Qom-Saraja Highway).

20) Shahzada Ja�far Ghareeb (Jamkaran crossroad- near Baqee� Graveyard).

21) Imamzada Zayd (opposite to the tomb of Musa al-Mubarqa�).

22) The tombs of Bagh Gombad Sabz-the garden of the green dome (tombs of the walis of Qom from the dynasty of Ali as-Safiy- opposite to the shrine of Ali bin Ja�far).

Shakhain Graveyard Pictures

Maliki Tabrizi Imam Khomeinis irfan teacher


Zakariya b. Adam

. 'Abd Allah b. Sa'd al-Ash'ari al-Qummi. He is trustworthy and great with great position. He was of great importance with Imam al-Rida, peace be on him. He has a book. 1 Al-Kashi narrated that he heard from one of our companions on the authority of Abu Talib 'Abd Allah b. al-Salt al-Qummi, who said: "I (i.e. Abu Ta`lib) went in to Abu Ja'far, the Second, peace be on him, at the end of his span of life and heard him say: 'May Allah reward well on my behalf Safwan b. Yahya, Mohammed b. Sinan, and Zakariya b. Adam, for they are loyal to me.'" 
Mohammed b. Hamza reported on the authority of Zakariya b. Adam, who said: "I (i.e. Zakariya b. Adam) said to al-Rida, peace be on him: 'I want to leave my household, for the foolish are many among them.' He (al-Rida) said: 'Don't do (that), for affliction is repelled from your household through you just as affliction is repelled from the people of Baghdad through Abu al-Hasan al-Kazim, peace be on him.
What indicates his great ability and his exalted position is that which narrated by 'Ali b. al-Musayyab, who said: [My house is distant and I cannot come to you every time, so from whom shall I take the principal features (ma'alim) of my religion? He, peace be on him, replied:] "(Take them) from Zakariya b. Adam al-Qummi, who is entrusted (by me) with religion and the world." 'Ali b. al-Musayyab said: "When I departed, I went to Zakariya b. Adam and asked him about my (religious) needs." 
Mohammed b. Ishaq and al-Hasan b. Mohammed narrated: "Three months after the death of Zakariya b. Adam, we went out in order to make the pilgrimage. On part of the road, we received his (al-Rida's) letter, peace be on him. In it has been mentioned: 'I have mentioned the decree of Allah toward the late man (i.e. Zakariya b. Adam), may Allah have mercy on him on the day when he was born, the day when he died, and the day when he will be raised from the dead. 
Throughout the days of his lifetime, he lived knowing the truth, believing in it, patient and having a fore-thought for the truth, performing what Allah and His Messenger loved. He, may Allah have mercy on him, passed away while he did not break (the oath of allegiance) nor did he changed it. May Allah reward him just as He rewards His Prophet and give him his best wishes. You mentioned the entrusted man, but you do not know our view regarding him, and we have knowledge of him more that what you have described�he meant al-Hasan b. Mohammed b. 'Umran. " This account reveals the exalted position of Zakariya b. Adam with the Imam, peace be on him.