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Jannat al-Mualla ( Al-Hajun. Cemetery in Makkah)   PIC     PIC  


Also known as Al-Hajun. The Prophet [s] used to visit it frequently. It is the 2nd holiest graveyard after Baqi. Those buried here include:

Ziyarat of Ismail, his mother & the rest of the prophets (as) at Hijr Ismail

Amongst the famous scholars buried in the graveyard of Hajun are:

  • Marhum Agha Mirza Muhammad al-Istrabadi - author of Rijal al-Kabir wa Ayat al-Ahkam
  • Sayyid Mir Muhammad Mu'min al-Istrabadi author of Al-Ruj'a. He lived near Makkah
  • Sayyid al-Shahid Mir Zeinul Abideen al-Husseini al-Kashani. He was martyred in Makkah and buried in a grave he had chosen himself in the graveyard of Mu'alla. He was amongst those who laid the foundation of the House after it was demolished.
  • Sheikh Muhammad son of the author of Al-Maalim. His grave lies near the grave of Khadija [a]
  • Ibn Sheikh Muhammad - buried beside his father. Used to take a lot of care in matters concerningIhtiyat (caution) and fear of Allah


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Ziyarat of Abdullah bin abdul Muttalib

UHUD  :Ziyarat of Hazrat Hamza (as)  & Ziyarat of the martyrs of Uhud


Ziyarat of Aemma-e-Baqi (as)Graves of Imam Hasan (2nd Imam), Imam Zaynul Abidin (4th Imam), Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (5th Imam), and Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (6th Imam), peace be upon them 

Ziyarat of Bibi Fatima Binte Asad (as)

Ziyarat of Ibraheem son of Prophet

Ziyarat of Prophet's Aunts: Safiya,, Atika & Ziyarat of Hazrat Ummul Baneen (as)

Ziyarat of Aqil & Abdullah Bin Jafar (as)

Ziyarat of Halima al Sadya Nursing mother of the Holy Prophet [s]

Ziyarat of Dwellwers of the graves

Ziyarat of Ismail bin Imam Jafar (as)

Grave of Abbas b. Abdul Muttalib [r]: Uncle of the Holy Prophet [s] and Imam Ali [a]

Graves of the Holy Prophet's [s] wives (ummahat al-mu'minin)

Graves of various companions (as-haab) of the Holy Prophet [s]