List of Book sellers /Publishers selling Islamic Dua Books/CDs

1)Ansariyan Publications 
Box 187, 22, Shohada Street, Qom, Islamic Republic of Iran
Tel.: 98251-7741774

The ultra-ubiquitous publisher ships from Iran, so to use this site you have to be willing to tolerate shipping times counted in months rather than days or weeks.  It has a very large selection in a variety of languages, including English, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, French, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian, Tajikistani, Spanish, German and few others. 

2) Tabligh Centre of KSI Jamat
Box 233, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

3) World Islamic Network
67/69, Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) Street, Dongri, Mumbai 400009
Tel.: 9122-23433540 

305 Gulab Building, Opp. GPO, P'Demello Road, Mumbai 400 001
INDIA+91 (22) 30222989

4) World Federation
Islamic Centre Wood lane, Stanmore, Middlesex HA74LQ, UK
Tel.: 0181-9549881

Eimaan Hujjat Bookshop is a stockist of Islamic books and products particulary specialising in the Jaferi Shia faith. We have a wide range of books on various topics from different publishers all around the world. We are continously sourcing and stocking new products on a regular basis.

5) Islamic Humanitarian Service
81 Hollinger Crescent, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2K 2Y8
Tel.: 5767111

60 Bristol Rd E, Suite# 333
Mississauga, Ontario, L4Z 3K8

Nothern California USA
Toll Free 1-877-378-2256
8)Tayyiba Publishers
P.O.Box: 88003 Lansdowne Mall Richmond B.C. Canada V6X 3T6
Tel: (604)273-4786

Specializes in Arabic language books.

9)The Muhammadi Trust of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
17 Beverley Way, West Wimbledon,
SW20 OAW Telephone No.    020 8336 1018

10 Tahrike Tarsile Quran
Po box 731115
Elmhurst New York 11373
Phone Number:718-446-6472
11Islamic College of Advanced Studies
12.PET Publications
139-Faran Housing Society
Karachi-74800, Pakistan
Tel: 021-4934485

13 Eimaan
P.O. Box 1587 Birmigham
West Midlands B31 3QJ
United Kingdom
Phone:07932 753014

This site ships from UK has an up-to-date selection including some unique gift items and DVD/CD offerings.  The overseas shipping is compensated for by the selection. 

P O BOX 19701
TEL - 2110640

Appears modeled after in design, based in Dar e Salaam, Tanzania.  Good prices, but that will be countered by shipping costs and time.  Descriptions of books lacking, yet has a good selection.

1)  and

This is the online catalog of the Al-Khoei Center in New York with English titles, as well as Arabic, Urdu, and Farsi.  Cheaper prices can sometimes be found elsewhere, so it pays to shop around.  But this site has a strong selection that is regularly updated, the best search options, fast shipping, and interactive features such as reviews by readers and updates.  You can also make secure donations to Shia Islamic charity needs from the store just as you would purchase a book.


This site has a variety of books but specializes in the low-cost P.E.T. publications.  Based in the US; low shipping costs.  You do have to click a few too many times to put a book in the cart, but it is well worth it!


This site offers a smaller selection, but is notable for its excellent item descriptions, good prices and some unique or rare offerings.  It is run by the family that has published a number of great prayer books and children’s workbooks under the name Tayyiba Publishers.  They ship only in the United States. 


This website is based in Canada.  It has a good selection that includes some titles rarely seen or unable elsewhere.  A few nice features are that you can add multiple items from  a page to your cart at once, you can easily convert currency, and you can pay conveniently by PayPal.  It is a little harder to search than some sites but worth spending the time. 

And here are the runners-up: these sites may be less appealing due to lower selection, increased shipping costs or delays, or  poorly functioning websites.

This site offers a decent selection, but some links don’t work, and some item descriptions are a bit vague.

This site is based in Pakistan, books in Urdu only, payment in Rupees.

Online purchase does not seem to fully arranged, but many are available in PDF format for free download as well as purchase – high quality works.

No books here, but good multimedia: Qur’an and D'ua multimedia, including for iPods.

Located in UK, accepts Paypal.

Beautiful quality publisher of a few Shia books.  Their online shopping capability seems to be down, but you can order by contacting them or can find many of their titles at other sellers.

Br. Hamid Waqar self-publishes translations and works not available elsewhere, including English translation of risalahs of Ayatollahs Khameini and Khomeini.  Can purchase for download or print.

Muhammadi Trust publishes beautiful books.  You can view their covers and read description but they do not seem to sell them directly from the site.

You can download or request free copies of Musavi Lari’s excellent works in many languages.

Tahrike Tarsile Qur’an.  The online sales feature is not currently functioning.

Excellent beautiful editions of works new in English.  Very small selection, but must-haves.  Based in Canada.  You can also find these at other sellers. 

Good selection, based in Tanzania.

This one has no English interface available, but was recommended by a few people.

And now for a few more sites to keep in mind.  These sellers do not specialize in offering Shia material and are not owned by Shias as far as I know.


Both AbeBooks and Amazon have an ever-increasing collection of  books.   Try these if you are looking for a specific title, especially if it is out of print – the used book sellers can offer surprising finds with the great ease of the AbeBooks and Amazon interfaces.


Other Publishers and Organizations

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